Monday, May 31, 2010

Vintage inspiration

My Grandmother (the one who smoked in bed) was also a great sewer, knitter, crocheter, and generally and all round DIY-er.  She worked as a professional dressmaker for many years, and made many dresses (matching, of course) for me and my sister when we were little. 


She had a shelf full of the Golden Hands books in the 1970’s.  I don’t remember looking through them at the time, but I love looking through them now.  I have a lot of the booklet versions, but I like the hardcovers better.  I found these 4 at Vinnies this morning, plus another Book of Handicrafts full of macrame, weaving and candlemaking. 


Flicking through I found this picture of a dolls quilt – which is immediately familiar as I have one almost identical that my Grandma made for me (my sister has a matching blue version).  We also had a matching sheet and pillow with lace trimmed pillow case to go with the quilt. (my quilt is on the right)


I also picked up a bag of yarn, and saw some granny squares mixed in with it.  Acrylic yarn, not finished, wasn’t sure how many were there.  When I got home and opened it up properly, I found the hand typed pattern for a granny square inside.  Typed, old school, with little pin holes where the full stops are.  I haven’t seen a typed page like that for years. 


I think this is my favourite – a pattern for a three legged giraffe.  When I first saw the picture I thought it was the photo that made it look like it only had three legs, but no.  It actually only has three legs.  I guess it solves the stability problem – three legs always balances.  Here’s the pattern – no spoon feeding in these old books – you have to draft/enlarge patterns if you want to use them.  Thank goodness for photocopiers.


CurlyPops said...

Craft books from the 70's are my absolute favourite and Golden hands are just fab! I wonder what happened to your Grandmothers collection?