Saturday, May 29, 2010

Green Day

I wasn’t planning to visit any 2nd hand shops today, but decided to drop in to 1 (or 4) on my way home.


The first shop had baskets of fabric, kind of sorted.  I found these:  a biggish piece of green linen, plus a tiny bit of paisley velvet plus some offcuts – not sure what fabric it is but it feels lovely.

Plus these cable needles – ones with bends in them so the needle doesn’t fall out while I am trying to juggle three needles in two hands. 

I think the Clover ones will work best – they’re not metal, I hate knitting with metal needles.

This is what I’m knitting:

A friend of mine received a lovely scarf as a gift. From Paris.  With pom-poms on the end.  So I’m trying to recreate my own version, it’s been slow going with the cable needle troubles but hopefully I’ve solved that problem now.