Saturday, July 25, 2009

8 ply drama

I'm off to the RNA showgrounds this morning to drop off my quilts - finished, labeled, de-furred, and bagged - all ready to go. I really struggled with finishing them off, especially the purple one because I think it's kinda ugly now. Not sure if it's just that I'm sick of looking at it and need to take a break - absence makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe. I've listed both of them for sale, too. I don't think they will sell though - people love quilts and really want one - until they find out how much they cost.

So with no quilt projects on the go, I've gone back to crochet for a break. I've been thinking about hexagon granny shapes, so that's what I've started doing.
I've had this wool for a while, so I'll use this and add to it as I go. It's just the basic 8 ply from Spotlight, which is cheap enough and should be easily available. Except if you want to buy it from the Everton Park Spotlight, in which case there are lots of empty shelves where the 8 ply used to be. I've been back several times in the past 6-8 weeks and it never changes, so either it is never in stock or there is a mad rush on it every time it comes in and I always miss out. So I am giving up on this option and going upmarket.

I'm going to Threads and More to buy some Biggan merino - twice the price, but the colours! oh my! I am trying to buy strategically - colours that I can't get anywhere else (which is all of them except brown). Think I'll get 4 or 5 for starter and see how I go. My enthusiasm for crochet could fade at any minute.

Looks innocent enough, doesn't she? I have no actual proof, but I think she is the phantom wool napper in this house. I often come home and find balls of wool stewn around the house - not wrecked, but carried gently and left in odd places, like the doorway to my bedroom or in the kitchen. I haven't caught her in the act - she is too clever for that.

Repair job to be done - I musn't have started the ring bit properly, or maybe it's the bamboo fibre (heavy and slinky) doesn't hold knots the same as wool does. Not looking forward to this.