Sunday, August 7, 2011


I have discovered the reason that I “ran out” of fabric for this quilt when I was so sure I had bought enough to finish the whole project.  I found 10 completed blocks that were not with all the other completed blocks.  The good new is now I only have to finish 3 full size blocks and half size fill ins and it will be finished.  (Plus put all the rows together and add a border, but let’s not quibble over details.)  It would have been nice to discover them before I went out and bought more white muslin and made another 250 pink ellipses though.  I think I’ll do a simpler machine version with the leftovers so it’s not a total loss.

All of a sudden it’s spring in my back yard – despite the lack of rain for most of July, the mulberry and nectarine trees and gone crazy and started fruiting already. 

Hopefully the possums won’t eat all of them.  (I wouldn’t mind them having some, but when they take a bite out each one and then leave it I get annoyed.  And they already ate my capsicums.)

I hope I can find someone who eats mulberries, because there are an awful lot of them on the tree this year and I don’t like them.  If only the possums would co-operate and just eat mulberries.