Thursday, May 13, 2010

long time no blog....

been busy - work, uni, stuff. I've still been sewing, just not keeping a record. Here are a couple of things I have on the go.

First - a car mat that I made based on this free pattern from Fiskars. I don't have any little boys at my house, so this is for the Toy Society.

For the last couple of weeks when I am driving to work, I see a man and a little boy sitting on a low wall at the end of my street. I saw them in the same spot, just sitting and watching the early morning traffic. I imagine the little boy likes cars and trucks - one morning I did notice the grandfather doing the horn tooting arm signal at a truck that was going past, so I think that is the reason they are sitting there. I left this on the wall where they sit - someone else might pick it up, but I really hope that little boy found it.
I dropped this off last night - trying not to be seen by the passing cars. This morning as I drove past I saw the man and little boy sitting on the wall, not far from where I had left this. They hadn't seen it yet as it was still where I had left it. I stopped to check this afternoon and it was gone. Maybe I'll find out who found it. Maybe I won't.

See that little red hotwheels car? I was doing the grocery shopping and they had a basket of them in the middle of the aisle, so I picked one and put it in the trolley. My son - 20, and way too old to play with (toy) cars - was with me. He unpacked the groceries onto the counter for me and held up the car wanting to know why I was buying it. I told him it was for a project. Being used to my "projects" this answer was enough for him. As the shopping was being scanned, the checkout lady held it up and asked if the car was for him. I told her he was being a very good boy that day :-)

Very fast quilt project in progress. I made a ton of hourglass miracle blocks - they are so easy I don't know why I didn't know about it before. I think the deserve their own post. I swapped a bunch of 5inch squares with friends and we are all making a version. I am way ahead on this one because I was so obsessed with sewing the blocks. Plus I love white in quilts at the moment - I've never really used much white so this is a big change for me. I'm looking forward to quilting it because the quilting will be so visible (I've done a lot of the ditch sewing already, just need to work out the border bits).

This is an oddly wonderful scarf that a friend of mine was given. You can't see the best bit in this picture - a fringe of green pom poms. It also has the weirdest colour combination: lime, rust, a teal green/blue and lavender. Yes, Lavender (you can see a bit at the top). Odd, but strangely appealing. I took this pic with the ambition of creating my own version, which I have started but haven't got any pics of yet.

Day off tomorrow. yay!