Wednesday, April 27, 2011

(almost) done

It’s all the little finishing details that I hate the most – labels and hanging sleeves, storage bags etc – about getting a quilt ready for a show.  I hope it actually gets accepted as an entry after all this.   My trip to Melbourne in July depends on it.


I am so tired of this quilt – I liked making the blocks and putting things together, but it is a HUGE quilt (almost 3 metres square.  What was I thinking??) and the size alone makes everything a little bit harder and take a bit longer to finish.  Add to that a cat who assumes that every quilt in the house is for her personal  comfort (and I don’t want to be a meanie and move her when she looks so cozy) and I don’t get much done.  Much more fun to plan new quilts and flick through magazines instead.

Possible new projects

  • applique blocks on a red background
  • something with lots of little squares
  • stripey fabric in something.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten – I’m leaning towards the red background thingy.