Friday, May 28, 2010


Did a bit more quilting – echo lines this time for the center block.  Not sure if I like this or not yet – it was a pain to do because the thread kept breaking for some reason.  I changed needles, rethreaded, changed to a different spool of thread but it kept on happening.  Makes it hard to enjoy quilting when the equipment will not co-operate.


I felt the urge to visit another 2nd hand shop this afternoon.  Shocking but true.  First thing I spied was this:


The little tag says “$6 Lot!”  I wonder why the need for an exclamation point – they must have thought it was a real bargain.  I know I did.

Next bargain were these:

Wool blankets – the colours aren’t right here, the blue is an aqua/turquoise and the other two are cream.  $3, $3 and $4.  Score.  The aqua blanket is a queen sized Onkaparinga.  The others are double/queen sized too, so they were an armful to carry to the counter.  Added bonus – the blanket on the left has already been felted, probably on accident by some inexperienced laundry doer.  I won’t feel bad about cutting that one up.  I do plan to felt the others too, but I don’t have any immediate projects in mind.  I’d like to try dying the other one, I’ll have to work out if procion dyes will work with wool.


My grandmother used to have wool blankets like this on her bed – hers were red.  And the satin edges had cigarette burns on them from where she feel asleep smoking in bed.  I guess the wool didn’t burn as well as the satin, because she didn’t end up burnt to a crisp in her bed.