Saturday, November 6, 2010



I always check out the sewing machines in 2nd hand shops.  Mostly they are pretty ordinary, and I leave them where I found them. 

I had a look at this one because it has the same case as the Singer that my grandmother gave us many years ago.  A good solid machine from the 1960’s.  So despite the football stickers that have been applied to the case, I was expecting the same machine that I learnt to sew on. 

(Obligatory cat photo – all new items are thoroughly investigated and inspected for lounging possibilities).

I lifted the cover off to find this – a hand crank Singer in beautiful condition.  Obviously not in it’s original case.  It sews perfectly, and will give me a well toned right arm as well. 

Now when I see sewing cabinets that have had the machine removed, I will pay a bit more attention because I think I can lift this machine out of this case and put it in a cabinet.  Now that I want one, I’ll probably never find one again.