Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Knit fail

We were off to such a good start……


Until someone started drinking Tequila while knitting. 

More than 30 stitches?  No problem, just keep knitting.  Holes?  Bumpy bits?  Just keep knitting.

Shanon tells me she had 90 “loops” (not stitches) by the last row, before she decided to call it quits and “cast off”.  By pulling the needle out and not knitting anymore. 

Not a complete loss – I’m going to felt this bit of knitting and I’ll make something out of it.  Not sure exactly what as yet, but something. 

Remedial knitting plan:

  • Use wool that doesn’t split easily until the knitter gets the hang of how a stitch should look
  • Try stocking stitch so the stitches can be seen more easily
  • Ban use of Tequila while knitting

Considering the “lessons” we’ve had consist of two 15 minute afternoon tea breaks and not much more, I think she’s doing pretty well. 

Fifi likes it.  She’s very discerning.