Sunday, September 26, 2010

all sorted

After a quilting marathon that lasted a week, it's done.   Binding on, cat hair (mostly) removed and handed over to it's new owner.   It's a group project made to celebrate a "zero" birthday. 

Next on the craft agenda is one of these:

A wedding bouquet made out of buttons for my friend Shanon.  This one is listed on Etsy, but there is a 36 week waiting period for orders.  As she is getting hitched in 6 weeks, we decided to have a go and make one ourselves.

We have been acquiring buttons, searching for shiny things and trying to work out to assemble it.  We've managed to locate the silk flowers and ribbon flowers and found some old jewellery at the op shop that can be included.

We had a craft day yesterday to shop for the last bits and pieces needed, and came home to assemble button flowers until our fingers start bleeding.  6 hours later we had this:

I just need to finish the ribbon handle and add a diamante buckle and it’s done.

Apparently sitting in my lounge room is like being in the middle of Wild Kingdom, with wild beasts just waiting for the opportunity to pounce on unsuspecting visitors.  I have 2 cats and a lorikeet.   One cat is friendly and likes to be petted by visitors.  The other will remain hidden behind the lounge chair for hours at a time.  The lorikeet is in a cage (I’ll admit he’s a bit noisy).  Hardly Wild Kingdom.

Shanon doesn’t care for cats, so every time Fifi glanced at her or walked past her she would jump up in a panic.  Eventually things settled down and Fifi  decided to roost in the shoebox that Shanon had been collecting her buttons in.  It was a tight squeeze, but she managed to get in there.  Shanon doesn’t want her box back anymore.