Sunday, November 8, 2009

Notes to Self

Read the Instructions. All of them.

Do not make assumptions re block assembly and finishing.

Because if I had read all of the instructions properly, I would have known to not sew down the outside of the petals. No great loss - this can be my practice block.

Anyway..... I'm not sure of what's going wrong here - I think my templates might be too big because they are not fitting together very well. I'm also having a problem with the pointy ends not being very pointy, which makes it hard to fit things together. Think I'll have to try drafting another template that makes allowance for the fabric bulk that you get where the fabric folds over.


Gin said...

I had the same problem with the points at the beggining. I reccommend you use a chopstick to press the fabric when applying the glue instead of your figers. It makes it a lot more precise when you are folding the tips. Hope this helps!