Sunday, November 1, 2009

Joseph's Coat

I'm joining Kelli and 185 others (so far) for the Joseph's Coat Quilt Along. I've been gathering fabrics together, and got the rest of the requirements together as well. I didn't think I had a lot of pink/red fabrics, so I started buying, then I looked through stuff I already had and found plenty more. I guess it won't go to waste. I hoping to get some quilting friends to start one as well, so maybe we will be able to swap fabrics.

I don't usually applique by hand, so this will be a nice change of pace. I had most of the sewing supplies, except for a sandpaper board for tracing fabric on. I've seen the Clover ones. They're very expensive!! I figured I could make one for myself without too much effort. Here's mine - a sheet of fine sandpaper, an MDF placemat, some thermal batting, and a bit of fabric and felt. I glued the thermal fleece on the back, so it can be used for ironing, and then covered it with fabric, glued the sandpaper down and added a piece of felt that covers the sandpaper when its not being used. (The peg is holding the corner down while the glue dries a bit more)

I'm pretty happy with the result. I think some quilting friends will be getting these for Christmas.


Francy said...

Very clever on the sand board. I don't have one yet so I may have to put one together also. (even tho I still and not sure exactly what one does with it :o) !

I look forward to seeing your beautiful blocks.