Sunday, August 8, 2010

almost Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday is celebrated each week by a workmate of mine.  It is much anticipated every Tuesday, and there is great disappointment if the Tacos are not made on Tuesday.  We have great discussions of all things Mexican – margaritas, flamenco, castanets and sombreros.   I saw this sombrero dip platter at Vinnies last week, had a giggle to myself about it (it looks a bit like an egg cup in the picture, but it’s really the size of a dinner plate) and thought no more about it.  I mentioned it to my friend, who was immediately smitten with the idea and I offered to go back and see if it was still on the shelf. 

1 week later, I returned to Vinnies to see if the sombrero was still there.  It was.  (Obviously not a big market for Sombrero novelty serving ware).  The lady at the counter looked at it, and said I “must like quirky things”.  I do, but this is a a stretch even for me.  Off to its new home later in the week.


Quilt in progress – cat magnet du jour.  I didn’t make the quilt top, I’m just doing the quilting for a friend.  Madam Crankypants has an uncanny ability to settle herself on whatever I am in the middle of working on, and make me feel guilty for shoo-ing her off things.