Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bargains galore

Second hand shopping is always a bit of a hit and miss affair.  There is no guarantee that you will find what you are looking for, you just have to be lucky on the day.  I looked for a couple of years for a heavy duty stand mixer.  I priced the new ones, and decided I didn’t need one that badly.  Fast forward to the day I found a Sunbeam MixMaster at the Salvo’s.  Two bowls, and three beaters plus the instruction booklet.  For $20.00.  I couldn’t get my hands on it quick enough!  According to the instruction book, mine was made in 1968, so we are both the same age.  I’ve managed to buy extra bowls, and I would like to have some extra beaters and the dough hooks so I’m keeping my eyes open for them. 

On Saturday, I saw a juicer attachment at Lifeline.  I didn’t buy it because I wasn’t sure if my mixer had the fitting for it.  I checked it when I got home and I can attach the juicer, so I am kicking myself for not buying it.  I am going to go back tomorrow and see if it is still there (how many people would want to buy it?)  I think it will only fit the older Sunbeams, so maybe luck will be on my side.  My son wanted to know exactly how much juice I was planning on drinking.  My answer was none – but I still want the juicer.  It goes with the MixMaster. 


My other score for the day was this:

A cantilevered sewing box.  It is not very big – 15 inches long and 7 inches wide – but I spotted it the second I walked into the shop.  Some of it is a bit wobbly, but nothing that a bit of TLC won’t fix.  The price they were asking put me off though - $55.00.  I decided to look around the rest of the shop and see what else was there and decide at the end whether or not to buy it.  I’ve wanted one of these for a very long time, and this is the only one I’ve ever found.  My Grandma had a bigger version that sat next to her armchair and it was packed with heaps of interesting bits and pieces.  I decided to bite the bullet and just buy it.  While I was standing in line to pay, a lady came up to me to say how lucky I was to have found it.  Other people jealous = decision confirmed.  What I didn’t realise was that this particular Salvo’s was having a sale, and everything was half price.  Double score. 

Off work for the week, but I have to go to uni everyday.  I am doing my last subject (!!) in intensive mode.  There is an exam (open book, but still) first thing on the first day.  I guess it’s a good way to make students do the reading before they show up.