Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My house was damaged in the "cyclone" that went through the northern suburbs of Brisbane in November last year. It has taken 9 months to get repairs started, I will be un-RACQ-ing as soon as they have paid out the rest of the claim. A stressful event from beginning to soon-to-be end.
(The light fiting is still full of dirty water in this pic - there was a lot of water in the house.)

So this is what I have lived with for the last 9 months - a 2 metre hole in the ceiling over the kitchen. As the storm was coming over, I had looked out the window at the green sky and said that I was glad we had the big gum trees taken out of our back yard. Unfortunately, the back neighbours still have their trees, and all the branches hit our house. Broken tiles, leaking roof, wet insulation, leaking light fittings = collapsed ceiling. There was some other damage to the house and fences, but this is the most obvious. I have taken to calling it the bogan skylight - the plasterers liked the name.
Yesterday the plasterers finally arrived and did this to my kitchen. I think they tried to clean up afterwards, but I still have to vacuum the top of the cupboards. I haven't looked, but I am sure they are covered with the same crap that fell every where else. Think I'll wait till the cornices are done on Thursday. Still need the electrician and painter to finish things off and then I can start painting walls. (they weren't damaged, I just want to freshen things up)

Started the Peace quilt. I am foundation piecing on interfacing for this one. I like foundation piecing, but the picking out of paper afterwards is really tedious. Using interfacing means that I have to trace out each block by hand, but I think I prefer that to the paper removal. I did think that I would hand piece the blocks, because they are a bit fiddly. I've started doing them on the machine now though, still fiddly but I've got the hang of it now. Have to make 98 total.