Sunday, April 19, 2009

vintage & scrappy

I found this great fabric at Lifeline - I love the little chinese (japanese?) figures and the tea things on the alternate rows. I paid $3 for a piece that is about 2 metres long. You can't see the texture in the fabric, but is that vintage slubby fabric that my Grandma used to make dresses out of. Plus a loaf tin - it has a little bit of rust but not too bad. Not sure what I'll do with the fabric yet - maybe a bag.

New project - this quilt is a co-ordinated scrap quilt in pink/orange/red and blue/green strips. I'm still making doll quilts, so I thought I'd use this idea to whip up a few more.

I like this stage - the planning is done and I've cut (probably too many) strips and getting ready to start sewing. Then it becomes (organised) chaos - trying to make sure that all the fabrics are distributed evenly and I don't accidentally sew two the same together.

I think sucessful scrap quilts need planning - you really can't just use what ever you have, they need to have a bit of control with either colours or with tones (or styles of fabric). A lot of my fabric is in clear, bright tones so I have no trouble picking out a stack of greens and a stack of oranges that will work for this quilt idea.