Sunday, May 29, 2011


I finally heard back about the Fabric of Society challenge – accepted.  They’re probably accepting everything, but the entry form does say it’s juried, so you can’t take it for granted.  Now I get to go to Melbourne too, so I can see it hanging.  I also want to go and see the original, which is at the Queenscliffe Historical society.  I’m not sure where exactly that is, but it’s somewhere near Melbourne. 

I’d put this one away because I am so tired of looking at it and now that it’s been accepted I have to finish all the little fiddly bits, like adding tassles to ponies.  Also need to make a storage bag and work out how to get it there, I think a courier might be easier than posting. 

This cannot be comfortable:

but apparently I am wrong about that. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011


During yesterday’s sewing outing, the topic of sewing baskets came up.  Monica wants one, and I had told her that I could find one in a second hand shop that would be much nicer (and much better value) than a brand spanking new one. 

Finding stuff you want in second hand shops is mostly luck – you have to be there on the right day and pay attention to what’s for sale.  I almost missed these:


Not one, but two vintage sewing baskets!!   For $4 each!!  They were definitely coming home with me.

They’re quite large – about 30 cm across.  The insides have pretty much had it, so I am planning to take out the old linings and replace them.  I want to add pockets to the sides and a pin cushiony thing on the inside of the lid. 

I also bought a glomesh Oroton cigarette case for $3.  I don’t smoke, but this little bit of gold glomesh made me remember my mother’s handbags from the 1970’s – so slinky and shiny.  I’m going to find something else to keep in it. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pinwheels and Feathers

Here’s what happens to unattended quilts at my house:

it is automatically assumed as premium cat sleeping space.

I finished this pinwheel top a little while ago, before I was distracted by quilts with cats and ponies.  This will be my entry to the RNA show this year, so I have been finishing the quilting.  I’ve been wanting to learn free form feathers, and I think I’ve got them under control now – at least in these small sashing spaces.  I get hung up on having each feather “identical”, but the reality is the feathers are – and need to be – different sizes to fit the space.  I’ve worked out how to get around bends and corners, so I can’t wait to try them in a bigger space.

I’ve managed to convert two friends to quilting.  We’ve had a couple of sewing days (and outings to fabric shops) together, and it’s been a great experience for all of us.  This is Shanon’s first quilt – she managed this without much help from me, because she couldn’t wait to get started and worked it out from a book.  Before I knew it, she had finished the top and it was ready for quilting.   A quick trip for backing and batting, and we pinned it all together and ready to start the best bit – quilting!  Nothing too complex, just diagonal lines across the squares with a walking foot on the machine.

I have no pictures of Monica’s quilt, but it is the same sort of arrangement as this, only with cat fabrics.  She had been buying cat fabric for a while with the intention of making a quilt, but had no idea how to do it.  A borrowed sewing machine, a bit of guidance and she is on her way to a finished quilt as well.  They are both planning to enter The RNA show as well, so there will be much sewing done to be finished by the deadline.

I kind of forget sometimes that not everyone knows how to use a sewing machine – it’s second nature to me and I just assume everyone knows how to sew.  So it’s been a learning experience for me too – having to explain threading and different feet and seam allowances.  And how important ironing is.