Sunday, August 15, 2010

Almost a winner

3rd prize at the Ekka!  Free tickets!  And a big fancy rosette!

I was a bit annoyed with the quilt show when I went to see it – they weren’t selling catalogues, so I couldn’t identify quiltmakers  names or who else had won in the category I had entered. 

My favourite part is always visiting the fine arts section, even though the standard of entries isn’t as high in some categories as it used to be.  But the cakes never disappoint.  They had a handbag category this year.

But I think this one was my favourite – Raggedy Anne:

I really want to learn these sort of things – they used to have cake decorating classes at TAFE, but I haven’t seen one listed for a while. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

almost Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday is celebrated each week by a workmate of mine.  It is much anticipated every Tuesday, and there is great disappointment if the Tacos are not made on Tuesday.  We have great discussions of all things Mexican – margaritas, flamenco, castanets and sombreros.   I saw this sombrero dip platter at Vinnies last week, had a giggle to myself about it (it looks a bit like an egg cup in the picture, but it’s really the size of a dinner plate) and thought no more about it.  I mentioned it to my friend, who was immediately smitten with the idea and I offered to go back and see if it was still on the shelf. 

1 week later, I returned to Vinnies to see if the sombrero was still there.  It was.  (Obviously not a big market for Sombrero novelty serving ware).  The lady at the counter looked at it, and said I “must like quirky things”.  I do, but this is a a stretch even for me.  Off to its new home later in the week.


Quilt in progress – cat magnet du jour.  I didn’t make the quilt top, I’m just doing the quilting for a friend.  Madam Crankypants has an uncanny ability to settle herself on whatever I am in the middle of working on, and make me feel guilty for shoo-ing her off things.